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Genuine Holden Service

Keeping you safe on the road

At Holden, making quality, reliable vehicles is number 1 in importance. But, like anything mechanical, you have to maintain it to keep it functioning at its best.

Even if your car isn't put to the test every day, it's important that 'the basics' are checked and serviced regularly throughout your car's life. Changing the oil, checking your brakes and transmission fluid - it's all part of keeping you safe on the road.

Protecting your warranty

Every new Holden comes with a factory warranty. That warranty covers your Holden for items including engine, transmission, clutch, and interior/exterior components during the warranty period. Check your handbook for full details.

Servicing your Holden at O & H's authorised Holden Service Centre gives you total confidence that your maintenance or repair is carried out to Holden specifications, and when using Holden approved parts, ensuring your warranty is not jeopardised.

Your ongoing driving pleasure

Our commitment to bring you the joys of Holden ownership doesn't stop at the showroom door. Far from it.

Our extensive nationwide service network is geared up to make it as easy as possible for you to get the very best from your new Holden for years to come.

Helping with resale

When it comes to selling your car, one of the first things most prospective buyers want to see is the service handbook. They want some 'objective' assurance that you've looked after your vehicle and that they're not going to be stuck with 'surprise' problems. You would expect the same.

Regular servicing at a O & H's Holden Service Centre gives you permanent records that will assist with the sale of your vehicle. So it works to your advantage to demonstrate that you've maintained the car, had it serviced by top quality technicians and used top quality parts.

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